Self-tan Routine

Here’s everything I do to get that perfect bronze glow using the SunKissed selfs-tanning mouse in Medium. The product is extremely simple to use, very affordable at £2.90 from Primark stores and buildable depending on your desired darkness.


Smooth and exfoliateBefore I apply fake tan I always have a shower as it cleans the skin and will provide a better base for your self-tan. While in the shower I recommend that you shave so your legs as the tan may not become streaky. I also exfoliate all over using The Body Shop Mango Body Scrub to ensure there is no dead skin that could cause then mousse to apply streaky or patchy.



Even if you decide not to smooth and exfoliate in the shower moisturising is a vital step you should not miss. Any moistureiser will do, but a thick moisturiser such as Palmer Coco Butter Lotion will work much better especially for people with drier skin types. Its important that you focus the lotion on your most dry areas. These are commonly elbow, ankle, knees, neck and around the armpit areas. The reason to especially target these areas is because the self-tanning mouse will cling to the dry areas on your body and will turn a lot darker and more patchy if you apply the mousse without moisturiser.


Tan time

Now its time to get your tanning mitt out and apply the tan, making sure you shake the bottle until you cants hear any liquid sloshing around inside the bottle. You will only need to start with one or two pumps for your arms depending on the darkness you desire. I only use two pumps for each arm but also bring it up to my chest and neck as I don’t like my tan being too dark as I am already quite coloured. Apply the tan in a circular motion as this will help prevent streaks. Do the same for your whole body and make sure to use the left over tan on your mitt to do your feet and the backs of your hands as these areas are usually slightly lighter than your body anyway.




My favourite thing about this self-tan is that it dries instantly and does not stain your clothes during the day. Also it isn’t a tan where you need to wash the access off after two hours, it is an instant lasting tan that overall is really easy to apply and lasts around three/four days with a good moisturising routine.


Side note: The product is build able depending on your desired darkness, personally I don’t like going too dark however if thats your desired darkness the company also makes the same formula in a dark shade as well.

Thank you very much for taking time to read my self-tan routine and I hope it’s helped if your looking for an easy application self-tan xx


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