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Pokemon Cushion Blusher😆 7-11 Series!

For my first post in my 7-11 series, where I will be reviewing affordable (mostly beauty) items from 7-11, I will be doing a first impressions on the Pokemon Cushion Blusher by Cathy Doll, retailed at 169฿ of equivalent to around £4. 

To be honest I was mostly drawn to this product because of the cute packaging not going to lie, but also as an affordable new Korean makeup product I felt like I had to try it out. 

The uni carton and the claims of the blush on the back of the uni carton.

So as you can see I picked up the shade ‘Chewy red’, not on purpose but cause the other two shades had run out. 

Straight away the description talks of the ‘adorable packaging’ which led me to assume that maybe the actual product inside wouldn’t be super high quality as the general focus seems to be the packaging. 

When you open the product up it looks like your typical cushion makeup with the (very cute poke ball) puff, and a hygiene seal that you peel off the actual cushion itself. 

I was admittedly quite scared to begin with as the colour in the pan, and by swatching it on my arm, it looked extremely pigmented and intimidating compared toany other   cream/ powder blush I have used before and wasn’t quite sure how to go about applying this blush. 

A finger swatch compared to a fully blended swatch. Scary!!

I started off by doing as the instructions on the back of the uni carton said and used the puff to press on to the cushion, absorb the appropriate amount (which I had no clue how much was deemed ‘appropriate ‘) of blush and apply it to the cheeks. 

On initial application the product doesn’t get any less scary and applies very pigmented and blotchy, but as soon as you keep dabbing and blending the product sheers out a lot and blends very nicely! (Keep in mind thought you do have to work fast as the colour is very rich and has similar qualities to a cheek stain and sets pretty fast, so work quick!)

With only one press in to the cushion and a lot of quick blending I got the blush to my desired outcome.

I very much liked the outcome and later when I used the product with a stippling brush instead of the puff I loved it even more. 

But did the product live up to its claims of having a cooling sensation, being long wearing, not clogging pores and no rough patches?

In general I agree that it did (minus the cooling sensation, which I am yet to experience) the over all texture felt very lightweight and didn’t feel like it clogged pores and blended easily with no patching. It also lasted for a long period of time on the skin, comparable to the longevity of a cheek stain, mind you it’s 30 degrees and more in Thailand right now so any makeup that lasts longer than 5 hours seems pretty impressive to me! 

Overall I will keep using this product for day to day makeup, most likely not for special   occasions as it’s lighter and more sheer than I like for a full face of make up (although it could work well as a blusher primer type of thing to lay under a powdered blush, I must test this out) This is probably due to the fact it’s made in Korea and most likely designed for Korean/ Asian makeup looks which lean towards the light and girly side, everything being very soft, blended and angelic. I will reference some Korean/ Asian makeup trends below. 
This website gives a lot of inspiration for Korean/ Asian makeup looks for anyone that’s interested -http://makeup.vidalondon.net/korean-makeup/

An image taken from http://makeup.vidalondon.net/korean-makeup/ in reference to the Korean makeup trends.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my first in the Seven-Eleven series, if there’s anything you want me to try out or any suggestion for other affordable beauty products that you can find in 7-11 please leave it in the comments!

Aisha x


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